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Renting vs Buying an Airplane

Renting vs Buying an Airplane is not a simple math equation. Buying a plane rarely makes financial sense, but don’t dismiss it completely.

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My Thoughts on Cash-Only Budgeting

Dave Ramsey made the cash-only budgeting system famous, but is it right for everyone? If you have solid spending habits, you might be missing out on some protections that cash just doesn’t offer.

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Finding and Focusing on Your “Why”

Many people struggle to maintain control over their money. It’s frustrating to constantly be off-budget or falling deeper into debt. Having a “Why” behind your goals can help give you the motivation you need to stay on track.

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Dan Kellermeyer
Hey there, I’m glad you found me! My name is Dan, and I started “Departing The Pattern” to help my fellow aviation geeks with their personal finances. Here you will find adaptable solutions to finding the financial freedom and education you need.

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